What the Bears should do this offseason.

The Chicago Bears had an awful year, but they have talent on their roster. They finished with an abysmal 3-13 record last year. The Bears dealt with so many injuries last year its hard not to use that as an excuse why the Bears weren't better. The biggest need in Chicago isn't the quarterback position its the secondary. This is a make or break year for Ryan Pace and John Fox, but they have a lot of options to improve this team and get them a lot closer to being a playoff team again. The Bears can fix their biggest problem pretty easily this year through free agency and the draft. I dont see the Bears landing Eric Berry in free agency, but if they do that would instantly make their secondary better. The Bears need to pursue Eric Berry and Stephon Gilmore these two guys would help fix their secondary issues pretty quickly. Gilmores play slipped off quite a big last year, but changing coaches mid season could be the reason why. The Bears have all the money in the world to go into free agency and offer these two guys what they want to bring them to Chicago. 

Ryan Pace has had good drafts already hes brought in some talented young guys that will be with the Bears for awhile and make an impact. People want him to go QB this year with the 3rd pick in the draft, but that should not even be an option. I dont see any of these quarterbacks being worth the 3rd pick. The move I want them to make that I think would help the team the most would be to take Jamal Adams especially if they cant land Eric Berry in free agency. If they do land Berry its still a win-win they now have two capable safeties which they haven't had in a long time. You could argue in the 2nd round that the Bears could take a WR if John Ross or JuJu Smith-Schuster are still available which wouldn't be a bad move since Kevin White is still a huge question mark and we dont know if Alshon Jeffery will return next year. It would be huge to add another young skilled receiver even if Jeffery comes back because we still dont know what we are getting with Kevin White, but the more the depth the better because the Bears were killed last year with the lack of depth at the receiver position. The Bears could take Desmond King with this pick in the second round which I would like personally because they really need help they dont have any cornerbacks especially after Tracy Porter took a massive step back. They have a lot of option in the second round they could even trade back and get Adoree' Jackson, but I feel going with Desmond King would be the best option for the 2nd round. The 3rd round is when it gets interesting because this is where they could easily take a QB. They have been connected to Nathan Peterman with this pick QB that play for the Pittsburgh Panthers. Peterman is an average QB right now and I wouldnt take him with this pick because I feel he would be available around the 5th-6th round. I feel he has the skill set to be a solid long term NFL backup. The one thing you see from Peterman is he doesnt turn the ball over he has around a 5:1 TD to INT ratio which is solid especially with the Bears. He doesnt have the stats, but he could be a solid late draft pick, but I wouldnt risk taking him here especially when you could take Tre'Davious White with this pick. At this point if the Bears take White they would solidify their secondary. You would have Jamal Adams, Desmond King, and Tre'Davious White which are 3 very solid players at their positions. You could argue if the Bears land Berry, Gilmore, and draft those 3 guys they could have one of the best secondaries in the league if Fangio can make it work which with his track record we know he can. The Bears could also land Jake Butt (TE) out of Michigan later in the draft around the 4th round which would be a huge pickup since Zach Miller cannot stay healthy. If the Bears do these moves they will be looking at making the playoffs next year even if they dont find a day 1 starter/franchise QB in this draft. Defense wins championships.

Round 1: Jamal Adams(S) - Round 2: Desmond King(CB) - Round 3: Tre'Davious White(CB) - Round 4: Jake Butt(TE) and Malachi Dupre(WR) - Round 5: Nathan Peterman(QB) or Jerod Evans(QB) - Round 7: Darius English(DE). This would be a dream draft that I highly doubt will happen. This is my personal opinion what the Bears need to do and you more than likely will not agree with it. If the Bears draft closely to this and can pick up at least one of the two Berry or GIlmore in free agency they will be looking at a defense that will be 10x better than what they have now.