The Mists of New Jersey

Rutgers football has over stayed their welcome in being in such a elitest conference as the Big Ten. They are nothing but a In their opener against Washington two nights ago, Rutgers pummeled at all facets. The transfer quarterback from Louisville, Kyle Bolin had promise to start off the game with a 11 play 59 yard drive for a touchdown but then the peasants from the Evergreen State fought back. Before the end of the 2nd quarter, Washington had a Devin Hester signature return for a touchdown, a interception, and 2 punts-not including the punt return.

They lost 30-14.

Now Rutgers could have started with some first game jitters but this has been the current situation for four years now.Rutgers has only won 4 games over their tenure. They lost by an average of 30 points last season and got absolutely decimated by teams like Michigan and Ohio State. In April, they were one of two teams from the Big Ten (Maryland) to have no players be drafted in the NFL.

Their sub part recruiting in 2017 of only picking up 4 players out of the Atlantic Region with 3 start attributes and for 2018, not even being ranked in the top 50 for recruitment is mind boggling. Just think about it.When was the last time you heard someone say "Wow this player changed the game of football at Rutgers "? Maybe the Mccourty brothers and Mohammed Sanu but that's about it.

Ohio State, Illionis and Michigan all have an expansive list of players in the Hall of Fame while Rutgers does not even have one. Rutgers has been nothing but a burden to the Big Ten Conference and if things don't change soon then they should be eliminated from the conference.