Why Koby Altman should trade away the 1st pick.

By Clayton Davis
Sep. 05, 2017

LeBron James has about 3-4 years left of dominance and then will start to deteriorate like a band-aid on a warm summer day. Like a band aid, he needs to heal the wound of losing his beloved Uncle Drew.

But who to pick?

Well, unfortunately all the major superstars have picked except.. Carmelo Anthony. Yes, Carmelo Anthony. The guy who made his film début in Imagine That with Eddie Murphy.

Nobody gives Melo any credit. He put up an average of 22.5 points last year and yet he still gets blamed for the Knicks problem. It would be best for him to move on past his hostility with coach Jeff Hornasack. Since the 2012-2013 season, Melo has gone through hell in a basket by not making the NBA playoffs. He still can't a winning with Porzingis. In August, Melo partnered with LeBron to play some pickup basketball in the streets of New York and felt at ease.

So, this could mean that they have built up some more team chemistry. Already LeBron has stated that Carmelo is one of only three of his closest friends in the NBA (Los Angeles Times),

If the Cavaliers want to prevent LeBron from going to Los Angles, he needs a scorer and a guy who he could trust. Obviously, the second best player on the Cavs wasn't a good fit for LeBron and Melo wants out of New York. So, it is a win-win situation for both players at the tail ends of their careers. If LeBron wants to capitalize on obtaining

Isiah Thomas, the big man from Syracuse will be his man.