A Farewell to the Caps

By Noah Tanenbaum
Apr. 25, 2019

Game 7.

The worst phrase a Capitals fan could hear, ever. Until last year, when they finally broke through.

This year was not last year, though,

Through a game where the Capitals solidly outplayed the hurricanes through the first sixty minutes of the game, I wasn't so shocked by the outcome. The hurricanes won in double overtime. Was it pretty? No. Doesn't matter, they are moving on, and we are done.

So what are my thoughts on the game?

One, I wish I never watched it. It's clear the Capitals did not want to win this game. I wish I did not waste my energy cheering on a team that has basically played a year straight and wanted a break. I wish they had given this indication earlier, as I would not have wasted time watching, and going to a playoff game. From watching this game, it is evident the Capitals did not want to win. While I understand their logic, I wish they did not want stretch this into a seven game series and get the actual fans invested into them. If they wanted to quit, they should have before the playoffs and not have made them.

I mean no disrespect to the hurricanes. They are a solid, young team. But from watching this seven game series, it's clear the Capitals are the better team. I think they exhibited that in full in Game 5. While I don't blame the Caps for losing the series, I wish they had not given die-hard fans the optimism that they were actually contending for the cup.

While I'm not surprised, I am very much disappointed. Just because you won the cup last year doesn't give you a free pass. I will always love you, which makes this that much more depressing.

A loyal fan,

Noah Tanenbaum