Game 3: Rematch

By Noah Tanenbaum
Oct. 11, 2018

Last night, the Vegas Golden Knights came into town to face the Capitals in a rematch of the Stanley Cup Final. Suffice it to say, things looked a lot like they did back in June. The Capitals pulled away from the Knights for a final score of 5-2.

The Good

Evgeny Kuznetsov. The emerging superstar had a goal and three beautiful assists to pace the Capitals. I don't know how he's not talked about more. The man is simply sensational with the puck. It's poetry on ice.

The Bad

Five-on-five play. While the power play was dominated and went 2-4, the Capitals were not so dominant the rest of the game. After the first period, they were severely outshot. It looked a lot like them last year. As long as Holtby is strong in net, which he was last night, this team will be just fine.

Looking Ahead

Tonight the Caps travel to New Jersey to play the Devils. Surprisingly, it's the Devils home opener, over a week into the season. There will be no rest for the Caps, however, as this is there second back-to-back of the season, and they face Toronto on Saturday, a game I will be at. Sorry about the short recap, I was only able to catch the end of the 3rd as I was flying back to DC.

Anyways, a 2-0-1 start the season so far is encouraging, and this team is showing strides since the Cup victory. I really think they might be a better team this year, because of the chemistry they have developed together. Hopefully they can keep it going in New Jersey tonight.