REPORT: P.J. Fleck to become Minnesota's next head coach

After leading the Western Michigan Broncos to the Goodyear Cotton Bowl Classic, it was well known that there would be several rumors surrounding the future of Coach P.J. Fleck.  There were rumors circulating before the Cotton Bowl as well, but Fleck remained true to his team.

As of Thursday night, Coach Fleck is still rowing the boat as the head football coach of Western Michigan. But, many reports have surfaced with Coach Fleck at the center. It appears he will become the next head coach at the University of Minnesota. Minnesota fired Coach Tracy Claeys on Tuesday.

As expected, since nothing is completely official yet.  Sources in Kalamazoo have also been saying the deal is not done.

Fleck has been working on a contract extension with Western Michigan since the conclusion of the Mid-American Conference championship game.  Many people have sighted Fleck and WMU as being "close to done" with assistants being the main hold up.  No deal has been signed yet, and until then, speculation will continue.  

For what it's worth, Western Michigan went 2-1 in the Big Ten West this year.  It could be interesting to see how Fleck fares against Big Ten competition with a Big Ten roster.