NBA Power Rankings (West 1-8)

By Eli Randles
Oct. 10, 2017

It is kind of unfair how tough this conference is. 10 teams in the West could easily crack the top 5 in the East and that has to say something. Here are the playoff predictions for the NBA Western Conference.

8. Trail Blazers

The Trail Blazers have a good team but they lack two things; Defense and a Third Star. 1-7 in the Western Conference have teams with 3 Stars. Sure, we may not know if they will work well together, but that's for when the season starts. Right now, you should only look at the talent an individual team has. And the Trail Blazers have Lillard, McCollum, and maybe, JUST maybe Nurkic. Don'y be surprised if you see this team closer to the top side of the standing come March though.

7. Clippers

Lets be honest here. Somehow the Clippers might be better without Paul, but yet they still fall in the standings. That's just how deep the West is. This Clips team has depth. They have 3 stars with Griffin, Jordan, and Gallinari. AND they have Pat Beverly, Austin Rivers, Lou Will, and Teodosic. The only thing I would be worried about is injuries. That's why they fall to 7.

6. Nuggets

I'm sorry Warriors fans, but this Nuggets team is the best offensive team in the league. The good thing for Nuggets fans is if the Nuggets don't make it to the Western Conference Semi-Finals this year, it WILL happen within the next 5 years. This team is stacked. Jokic, Millsap, Harris (who just inked an extension), Murray, and Chandler. Hell, maybe Mudiay becomes something, considering he is having an amazing preseason. They're young and hungry, but they key word is young.

5. Timberwolves

Fuck everyone who is saying that Towns isn't the best center in the league. I will stand and scream from the tallest point in Minnesota for Towns. The Wolves starting 5 may challenge the Warriors for the best starting 5 in the NBA. You better believe this team can win 55 games. But the shitty thing is, 55 wins in the Western Conference is just 5th seed. That's what the Wolves will have to deal with. I LOVE THIS TEAM (Just not their jerseys)

4. Thunder

Man, Sam Presti is a God damn genius. If this team wasn't loaded before, it DEFINITELY is now. I'm picking the up for the Thunder because of the talent they have. This team could also be a train wreck, but isn't that with any other team after this offseason? If I'm looking at the Thunder with their talent, I'm picking this team to make it to the WCF. Let's just hope it all gels together well.

3. Rockets

Sadly, the Rockets weren't able to win the Best Offseason Award, in which that was given to the Thunder, but this team still is lethal. Adding arguably the best pure point guard in history to Harden and the offensive gurus was awesome. This team is loaded and have one of the best offensive coaches we've ever seen. But will it work? I don't know. Truly, I don't. This team has the talent to do amazing things, but also this team can fall... FAR.

2. Spurs

C'mon you really think the Spurs are going to fall from glory? They might, but history says NO! For real, this team won 61 games last year with the same core as they have no. Calm your fucking tits Thunder and Rockets fans you won't be better. Kawhi is the best all around player in the NBA. Murray didn't look amazing, but he sure looked good filling in for Parker. Aldridge is still a great 4, Gasol can still do things, and they added Rudy! Don't count them out.

1. Warriors

Oh how the mighty have... Risen? Lets be honest, this team is the best team in th- you know what never mind, everyone knows that. They were able to keep their core, while adding Nick Young, Casspi, and Jordan Bell. By far one of the deepest cores in the NBA. But the Warriors will have a lot more competition this year. First off they have to get through the West, AND they have to get through probably the Cavs, or the Celtics (probably not). It won't be as easy for them to win again, but it's always possible.