ESPN Producer Pursues New Calling

By ryanmacdonald
Feb. 21, 2017

After 17 years of working in broadcasting at ESPN, Jason Romano is shifting gears and pursuing his ultimate calling: ministry. Though a seemingly rash decision considering his illustrious career, Romano's path is well-planned out and has been in the works for some time. "It’s something that I’ve felt in my heart was going to happen for a few years now. I’ve always thought someday that I may want to take the talents I’ve learned in 20 years of broadcasting and bring them into the faith arena," said Jason Romano in an interview with Ryan MacDonald. 

Thus, when the opportunity arose in December of last year, Romano decided to take a literal leap of faith and pursue a new career in ministry. "God opened up a door for an opportunity to enter the world of sports and faith and ministry." Romano will be using his experience at ESPN to kickstart his media consulting company to help both churches and athletes. In addition, Romano will be getting behind the mic, as he initiates a podcast connecting faith and sports. 

Romano took to Facebook to announce his decision which was met with immense praise including, a shoutout on the show he's worked for most recently, "Mike and Mike."

As he states in his farewell Facebook post (which can be found below) "Now is that time to say Yes to that calling and take that risk. Now is the time to fly."

[Jason Romano - Friday February 10th is my last day working... | Facebook]