Lets Go Trivia Winter League Finale

For the past 9 weeks, we have been in a Winter League run by Lets Go Trivia in Westchester County. Our home bar was the Oath in Tarrytown. We finished in second place there but were allowed into the league finale as a runners up. Thank God for small favors. Our team name was a mashup, consisting of core team members from Stir Crazy and the Penguins. The latter are a team from Rockland County whom I met last February at their Penguin Plunge Trivia Fundraiser. Throughout the year, I have played numerous trivia nights with Andrew Lin, Barbara and Keith Noyes. They are one of the top trivia teams from Rockland. 

Being a newfound league, only 8 teams were invited to participate, but they are all terrific trivia teams who have consistently won at the places they play at: Peekskill Brewery, Captain Lawrence Brewery, NY Firehouse Grill, and the Oath. The format would be 8 rounds of 7 questions each, each team limited to six people. The rounds were all themed: Cat in the Hat, Westchester County, mustaches, Hookers and Strippers, questions used the last two months, Fight and Flight, Alcohol and Tobacco, and Goldilocks. Due to specific rules from the Trivia company, I will not repeat the exact questions on here. Needless to say, we got two perfect rounds and ended up with a 48 of 56. The second place team was Diddle Finger Up, the champs from the Oath with a 45.

It was a fun night with great prizes, but I'm just happy we won and cemented ourselves as one of the top trivia teams in the Hudson Valley.  I also want to thank David Molnar, Dawn Barclay, and Merrill Rubin who also helped us at the Oath throughout the season. I will enjoy this but we can't rest on our laurels.  There are other goals with Geek Bowl and World Tavern Nationals coming up soon.