Embrace Thanksgiving

By None None
Nov. 24, 2016

The time of year that allows family and friends to gather together in a spirit of togetherness and gratitude. The conversations can go from pleasant and superficial to political and nasty rather quickly, the speed of the deterioration is directly linked to the amount of wine/alcohol being consumed. So, I want to help out your Thanksgiving conversation by offering up a few topics that are sure to cause great contention. Why would I be trying to cause contention? Well, it is those contentious holidays that lead to some great stories. No one ever recounts the Thanksgiving that everyone got along nicely and discussed the weather. If a chair isn’t thrown and at least one aunt in tears, it is a waste.

Are you ready to Embrace Debate? I know I am.

Topic 1: To Bat Flip or Not to Bat Flip

Topic: 2: Steroids

Topic 3: The DH

Topic 4: Greatest Baseball Movie

Topic 5: Instant Replay

These topics are great because they are so obviously generational. I know I can make my dad upset by bringing up any of these topics. I know exactly where he stands because he thinks of himself as “Old School”. Which is funny to me because my dad’s life is the epitome of rebellion. He had long hair and drove a freakin’ motorcycle. He was a guitarist and listens to bands like Kiss and Rush. I think he’s embraced being a Grandpa a little too much now because he keeps yelling at me to get off the lawn. That’s not true, he doesn’t even have a lawn.  

Okay, so maybe bringing up controversial baseball topics is not the best idea. Instead, how about you just be thankful. Here’s my starting lineup of things of which I am truly grateful.

Lead off- My kids. They are quick and are good at stealing. Perfect fit for the lead off spot.

2- My parents. Good contact. Willing to sacrifice to move along my kids.

3- My wife. All around the best. I want to make sure she gets as many positive plate appearances as possible.

Clean-up spot- This spot is reserved for power. That’s why I reserve it for my Savior.

5- My friends. Not a lot of contact, but incredibly powerful.

6- Food. Isagenix has been a big blessing and has been timely in big moments.

7- Writing- Inconsistent, but has some power and with a little work, could easily be a top of the lineup producer some day.

8- My country. Valuable, but isn’t really performing like it could. So, its bumped down to take some pressure off, because I feel it is trying too hard to please everyone. Once it gets back to basics, it could be “Great Again” :)

9- My home. If I was playing in the American League, I would love to upgrade. However, it makes a good attempt.