Dion Waiters to Miami

In what has been a truly mind-blowing move by Miami, Dion Waiters has agreed to become the newest member of the Miami Heat.

     While he probably will not live up to being the 4th pick in the 2012 NBA Draft, Waiters did have a solid season last year with the Thunder averaging almost 10PPG last year. He also had a great Playoffs averaging 8.4 PPG and shooting almost 38% from behind the arc. 

Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

     In the wake of Dwyane Wade leaving Miami, Pat Riley has gone on a major FA spending spree having signed players like Wayne Ellington, James Johnson (like), and Willie Reed (really like). Dion Waiters is just the latest addition to a Heat team that I can't tell if they are trying to aim for the playoffs or the lottery.

     As an NBA analyst, this is a great move for a Heat team that needs a bonafide 6th man. Look for Dion to fill in that role and excel in providing some scoring off the bench. In this sense, he somewhat reminds me of Michael Beasley. This is a low risk- high reward move by the Heat and, frankly, a major steal by the Heat given the market. Dion Waiters could have gotten an average salary of $10 million+ by other teams such as Philadelphia but instead chose Miami for roughly $6 million over 2 years (an average of $3 million vs $10 million). With this acquisition, here is the rotation for the Heat next year

2016-17 Heat Rotation




Goran Dragic

 Briante Weber


Josh Richardson

 Dion Waiters

 Tyler Johnson , Rodney McGruder , Wayne Ellington

Justice Winslow

 James Johnson

 Luke Babbit,  Stefan Jankovič

Chris Bosh

 Josh McRoberts

 Derrick Williams,  Okaro White,  Udonis Haslem

Hassan Whiteside

Willie Reed

They will have to cut some players to get down to 15 (they currently have 18 on roster), but I wouldn't expect Dion to be one of those cuts (Rodney McGruder, Stefan Jankovic, and Okaro White are my picks to get cut unfortunately). 

This is an excellent move by the Heat and I give them an A.


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