WOW! 12 Year Old Chokes Out 22 Year Old Opponent In MMA Event

Talk about the next Phenomena in MMA, how about 12 year old Momo from Japan. It wasn't long ago that Japanese MMA analysts were snickering at this bout, putting a 12 year old up against a 22 year old fighter seemed like borderline child abuse. But the rationale at the time was Momo trained at a highly respected Gym in Japan. It is important to know that the rules of the fight were tweaked to make it "safer" for the preteen by banning strikes to the head of a grounded opponent and requiring participants to wear headgear.

None the less, Momo showed her skill and dominance in taking down such an older and more seasoned opponent. Here's some footage of her finishing choke out:

Pretty impressive! It will be interesting to see how she develops and if she becomes a dominant force in the woman's MMA circuit.