What do the Hornets need?

It seems to me that everyone thinks the Hornets need a big man, at least that's what all the trade rumors say the Hornets want. I don't get to see every game, but from what I've seen and read the Hornets finally have found a good rotation for the centers. 

In fact between Cody Zeller is averaging 11 points a game right now for the season, while Roy Hibbert is averaging 5.3 points a game for the season. Zeller is averaging 6.3 rebounds a game while Hibbert is averaging 3.7 rebounds a game. Both are averaging at least one block a game. Defensively they provide a temendous presence while on offense they are agile, they set the picks and they are good at the pick and roll. Add Marvin Williams and Frank Kaminsky to helping them and the Hornets look pretty set as far as the bigs are concerned. 

So if the trade rumors are wrong in what the Hornets are looking for, what are they looking for? The area of struggle seems to be at the small forward position. As I mentioned in my previous entry Michael Kidd Gilchrist is struggling once again with providing the Hornets with valuable minutes on offense this season. Their second small forward listed on their depth chart is rookie, Treveon Graham. Graham in his first season is averaging 2.3 points a game. With the lack of offensive production from the 3-spot the Hornets need to go shopping for another small forward who can provide them with valuable minutes. 

Who should the Hornets target though, and what are they going to trade for whoever they get? The Hornets should target someone like Maurice Harkless from Portland or TJ Warren from the Suns. Both of these yound players provide their team with valuable offensive minutes. Both of these teams struggle throughout the year. In fact as of right now both of these teams at the bottom of their division, Portland has a four game lead over Minnesota in the Northwest division. Now the Hornets would have to give up, most likely MKG and a future draft pick. 

Is it worth it? It's always a gamble but the Hornets have the most well rounded roster since they became the Bobcats. Coach Clifford is leading this team in the right direction but any trade is a gamble but sometimes you have to just take the risk and go for it.