New York, New York

By warsaw
Feb. 10, 2017

2nd Year Warsaw MBAs at MLB HQ in New York City

As the 1st year Warsaw MBA's were taking Seattle by storm, our 2nd year cohort made the journey to the East Coast to take in all New York has to offer as a North American sports business hub. In total, the group spent 4 days visiting leagues, brands and agencies, learning from some of the leadings names in the industry. I spoke to a few of my peers to gauge there reaction to what was an exhausting but rewarding week for all of us!

In 4 days the group met with the NFL, NASCAR, Samsung, GlideSlope, Ascendent Sports Group, Nike, the NBA, MLB, MLS, New York Road Runners, ESPN, Team Epiphany, Wasserman and KORE Software. 
A massive thanks to everyone involved in the planning and execution of this experiential learning trip and an even bigger thanks to all the organizations that hosted us during the week! 

What was your favorite visit?

The MLS was a standout when it came to our New York visits. Their authentic approach to putting the fans first and a mentality that felt almost like a "start-up" was refreshing from a league standpoint. Also their ideas of what a truly means to build a brand transcends beyond just pro-leagues." - Evan Tanaka

"It was pretty amazing to get the chance to meet with Laura Gentile, Senior Vice President, espnW and Women’s Initiatives at ESPN during our visit to ESPN’s New York offices. The founder of espnW, Gentile exemplifies what it means to be a leader and has done so much to grow and amplify women’s sports throughout the world. She spoke with our cohort a lot about how she builds her strategy for espnW as a brand, rather than just a website. This has led to creative partnerships, the acclaimed espnW Summit, and has also led to ESPN increasingly looking to her team and talent for expertise, commentary and insight into the key issues that are arising across the sports landscape today." -
Lauren Sokol

"Team Epiphany. It's always nice when a host demonstrates such eagerness and creativity when meeting with us. Coltrane and the rest of the team were clearly excited for us to be there and really wowed us with their ideas and energy." -
Jeff Lockie

MLS. Besides being soccer-related, the culture and identity that they espoused was both innovative and inspiring. Their work on branding has been successful and it was insightful to see the work being done and the people responsible for it behind the scenes." - Max Katkaphan

Did anything about this trip surprise you? Spark a new idea?

"With an interest in branding/brand curation, I have focused my search mainly on apparel brands. This trip reminded me that brands and properties have to put a lot of thought/effort into their brand as well." -
Kelly O'Shaughnessy

This trip was just a reminder that I have time to take jobs in places I don't want to settle down. I left this trip thinking about where I want to be in my career long-term and how I may regret it if I don't move to New York at some point just to take advantage of these opportunities." - Danielle Barbian 

"Absolutely! I had many conversations with professionals working in the sponsorship space and the biggest challenge they face is how they can integrate data into the sponsorship more effectively. I personally want to operate in this sector going forward and I’m hoping that I can use conversations from this trip to help me land a job." -
Akbar Akhtar 

What was the best piece of career-related advice you heard?

Never stop networking. Regardless of the situation you are in, even if you want to leave the industry... you never know when things will come full circle!" - Jeff Lockie

Diversity is important-not just your background but in your thought process. Stand out. Have a point of view even if it's wrong." - Max Katkaphan

"Take notes on insights given to you by established executives and bring them to future convos to sound "wicked smart"." -
Akbar Akhtar

The gang goes full circle with the Samsung Gear 360

What was your favorite moment (professional visit or otherwise) on the trip?

"Having the opportunity to walk the Brooklyn Bridge at night was incredible. It was something I had never seen or experienced before" -
Evan Tanaka

"Looking back at the progression of our cohort, there is a glaring contrast from the level of conversations we were having during our first industry visit in Portland compared to those we had in NY. Spending this time together has enabled us to feed off each other’s energies, and lead conversations towards interesting avenues." -
Akbar Akhtar

Getting North Carolina BBQ in NYC with my #OMBA family. It sounds stupid but it made me remember that even after graduation, doesn't matter where we end up, I can still turn to many of my cohort members for professional/personal support." - Kelly O'Shaughnessy

The most important part of the trip for me was going to the World Trade Center. Being so far away, it has always felt almost surreal. That day forever changed the lives of so many and the course of history for our country. It was important for me as an American to really understand what happened." - Danielle Barbian

Some of the crew take in NYC from the Brooklyn Bridge