Russell Westbrook to the Houston Rockets

An amazing fete was accomplished today as the Houston Rockets introduced the newest edition to the team, Russell Westbrook. The NBA has produced another outstanding duo with Russell Westbrook & James Harden to go along side Kawhi Leonard and Paul George, Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant, and LeBron James and Anthony Davis. The question is now, how will these two ball happy superstars work together. Will they enhance each other’s performance or will they compete with each other for time with the ball? With those questions pending answers, there is no question that Westbrook will bring more to the team overall.

Westbrook leaves behind his career with the Oklahoma City Thunder. During his time with the team, he was named the NBA Most Valuable Player in 2017, named an NBA All-Star eight times, and is currently averaging a triple-double for the last three seasons. Since being drafted in 2008 by the Seattle Supersonics, Westbrook exceeded expectations and has become a dominate force in the NBA and stands among the top as one of the present day greats.