NBA Picks #2 10/25/17

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports
Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports


A rough start to my season. I had most of my picks right, the teams just didn't cover. I'm going to flip things now so I can look better and the page will be easier to follow. I'm just going to pick the games straight up. I still would have got two games wrong but who cares, we all make wrong picks.

Timberwolves at Pistons(+2.5)

The Timberwolves was last night's big shocker, dropping a 23-point doozy to the Pacers at home. We have to give them a little break because the Pacers shot a astronomical 66% from the field which is hard to do even when you play against the Suns. They are still favored in tonight's game against the Pistons on the road. The Pistons may be the NBA's most mediocre team; no "superstars" and only one all-star in Andre Drummond. They added Avery Bradley during the off-season but that's not going to make the team that much better. Stanley Johnson still has so much untapped potential and everyone is just waiting for it to show. I got the T-Wolves winning again tonight because they have the more talented roster even though Jimmy Butler is out for the second game with illness. How many games will it take the Timberwolves to lose till we move onto the next "breakout" team?


Nuggets at Hornets

No one is even favored in this game! These teams are mediocre as well, just like the Pistons, with no chance of winning a championship this season. The Nuggets, were in the playoff race last year up until the final week, so that is who I have to roll with.


Rockets at 76ers (+4)

This may be the game of the night. There are so many different story lines coming out of this game that it might be the topic for the next 30 for 30 (just kidding). But still this is exciting! It may be the eventual MVP of the season (James Harden) vs the Rookie of the Year (Ben Simmons). This is the first game since Ben Simmon's triple double and there's no way he does it again, is there? We may be seeing the transition of the next LeBron James right in front of our eyes. Obviously I'm speeding up the process by 10,000% but out of all the guys in the league isn't Simmons the most similar to LeBron this early in his career. I haven't even discussed Joel Embiid who is already getting paid like a top 10 player in the league. The 76ers haven't done anything yet and one of their star rookies, Markelle Fultz, is already struggling with shoulder problems. The 76ers are one of the most exciting teams to watch this season and they have only one game. Look for them to lose again behind the eurostep of Harden.


Cavaliers at Nets (+6)

Shouldn't this game be a little more favored towards Cleveland? I know the Nets are the NBA's hardest playing team every night but do we really think they are two possessions worse than the Cavs? LeBron is starting at point guard with Derrick Rose and Isaiah Thomas out for the time being and I'm okay with that. I'm not sure who wouldn't want LeBron as their starting point guard. The Nets would. The "Dwyane Wade Coming Off the Bench Experiment" is working through one game and everyone is still happy in Cleveland. No way Cavs lose to Nets by less than six.


Spurs at Heat (+3)

A rematch of the 2013-14 Finals except both MVPs aren't playing. Kawhi Leonard is still on the team but is not expected to return until the middle of November. The Heat figured out their identity 3/4 midway through last season and have had some cupcake games up to this point in the season. They're still 2-1, with their only loss being against the surprising Orlando Magic. The Spurs are always in the postseason so this may be their first match-up this season against a team that makes it to the playoffs. I'm one of those fans that always thinks this is the year where the Spurs fall off the edge and get lower than a four seed in the West, but to their credit, in the first season without Tim Duncan they won 60+ games and made it to the Conference Finals. That's usually not what a fluke looks like. I still like the Heat in this game though.


Pacers at Thunder(-15)

I think this is the most heavily favored game of the night. It's probably this way because it's a "revenge game" for Paul George against his old squad. The Pacers aren't awful though, especially when they shoot over 60% from the field like they did last night against Minnesota. The Thunder have looked vulnerable this season losing to the Timberwolves and Jazz. The only win they have this season is against Carmelo Anthony's old team, and I think they will beat George's old team, it just won't be a blowout.


Jazz at Suns (+6.5)

There has been a lot of discussion in my circles that the Suns are the worst team in the NBA. I don't believe it. With a player like Devin Booker, you can't be, right? I mean he did just become allowed to drink alcoholic beverages this month, but he has already proved that he will be able to compete in this league. Are the players around him really this bad? How long until he has the leverage to demand a trade and get out of the hot mess that is the Suns organization? The Jazz are still recovering from the loss of Gordan Hayward and a loss to the Clippers last night proved that they still have a long road to get back to the point they were last year. It won't happen overnight, but tonight they should be able to improve tonight against ONE of the worst teams in the NBA.


Raptors at Warriors (-14)

The Warriors are getting a lot of love in this game, especially after their slow start. The Raptors aren't that good of a team, but I don't think they are going to get blown out. The Raptors are in the worst position possible in this league, contending but no way of winning a championship. I don't think they get to the Finals if LeBron suffers an injury, that's how low I am on them. I don't think they win this game. The Warriors are too good for them now, and they are still in preseason mode. It's just sad how bad everyone is compared to Golden State. Hopefully we see improvement from other teams throughout the season.

Wizards at Lakers (+6.5)

A lot of home dogs tonight, with this being the last one to tip off. Here's another game with a lot of interesting story-lines. I don't think Lonzo Ball has said anything regarding John Wall or the Wizards at all, still he has a target on his back. His father, Lavar, has painted the bulls-eye with the words coming out of his lips. I respect his opinion and am excited to see how Wall responds to the predictions. This is what all fans expected going into the season. We still haven't seen if the Lavar rants have changed anything to do with Lonzo but the story out of the first game was tantalizing. Patrick Beverly was looking to embarrass Lonzo from the start and there were moments when Lonzo looked like he didn't have the tools to hang around in the NBA. We'll see if Wall is able show Lonzo up or if Lonzo can have his way with him just like daddy says.