National Championship 2017 Preview



Clemson was off to a sluggish start this season, but a Pittsburgh loss sparked their team again and found their way back into the National Championship. A big win against Ohio State has shown how much they want this national championship victory. They haven’t won a title since 1981 and will once again be up against one of the most dominant teams in college football. It’ll take Deshaun Watson and the offense and Ben Boulware and the defense to stop the Crimson Tide’s chance at a 16th championship. They have been in this situation before, but with key players back on offense, this gives the team a much better chance to stop the Tide’s run and bring the trophy back to Clemson, South Carolina.


We all heard the news about Lane Kiffin being let go or “fired” by Nick Saban. It’s a surprise to everyone, but the Tide moves on with new offensive coordinator Steve Sarkisian. Despite the news, Alabama comes in with the best defense in college football. Nick Saban set the standard for a successful run through the season, but their one and only issue is the quarterback position. Quarterback Jalen Hurts is their best quarterback, but like I said before, he’s prone to mistakes. The team has his back if he’s consistent and careful with the ball in his hand whether he’s making throws or running the ball. The offense relies on the running game with Damien Harris and home run hitter Bo Scarborough. Alabama has a chance at winning their 16th championship in college football history, but Jalen Hurts will be key to the Tide winning the whole thing.


This rematch could go one of two ways: both defenses takes over the game and keeps the points under 20, or Clemson's offense breaks through the Tides defense and turns into an offensive battle that goes up to 30+ points. Last year, Watson threw for 4 touchdowns and the team was one possession away from winning it all. He plays a key factor in Clemson's opportunity to run the ball successfully. Hurts could be the first true freshmen to win the national championship since Oklahoma's quarterback Jamelle Holieway in 1985. Alabama's defense and special teams are the reasons why they're back for their second straight title game, but believe it or not, Jalen Hurts is the cog that gets the offense moving. In order for Clemson to win the game, they must force Hurts to play like a "freshmen" and keep Alabama's defense on the field longer and not return a turnover for points. In order for Alabama to win the game, Hurts must play a mistake-free game before the run game takes over in the second half.