Miami Heat: 10 in a row

So it's no surprise the Miami Heat were pretty awful at the beginning of the year. Now they're probably the hottest team in basketball. They've gone from being one of the worst teams in the league to only three games behind the final playoff spot in the East.

During this winning streak the Heat have been able to knock off prominent teams such as the Houston Rockets and the Golden State Warriors. They've also had wins against the Dallas Mavericks, Milwaukee Bucks, Brooklyn Nets, Chicago Bulls, Detroit Pistons, Atlanta Falcons, and tonight against the Philadelphia 76ers.

The key players for the Heat have been Goran Dragic who is averaging 19.9 points per game, Dion Waiters who has averaged 15.4 points per game and Hassan Whiteside who is averaging 16.6 points per game and 13.8 rebounds. If the Heat can keep this up they do have a legitimate shot at making the playoffs. At 21-30 and the East being as bad as it is they could definitely make the final playoff spot in the East.