The comparison of this Chiefs team to the Warriors

I recently overheard in sports media someone compare the high-powered Chiefs offense to the Golden State Warriors in their prime. The main backing for this claim was that the Chiefs have a multitude of weapons that explode for a great game and the offense when fully healthy can score 50 on any given day.

The comparison can be drawn further, many things are similar between these two teams. The best players leading both teams are not only possibly the best in the game, they both are transcending talents. Patrick Mahomes and Stephen Curry have shattered records at alarming rates and are changing the way we see their positions.

Both teams not only have the ability to beat the defense throughout a game, they can beat a team in one quarter by scoring quickly and often. We saw the Chiefs beat the Texans in the divisional round and the Titans in the AFC Championship in just the second quarter. The Golden State Warriors were able to beat teams in quarters (a time that stands out were when they beat the Rockets in game seven in 2018 in the third quarter).

It's also uncanny how many scorers both teams possess. The Chiefs have the cheetah-quick Tyreek Hill and match-up nightmare Travis Kelce while the Warriors had Klay Thompson (who could catch fire from three at any time) and their match-up nightmare in Kevin Durant. One also has to consider the depth both rosters have.

With all these similarities, it seems fair to compare the Chiefs roster to the Warriors of recent years. I see three reasons we shouldn't as sports fans make this comparison.

The first reason, football should not be compared to basketball. I know they are the two popular sports in America. The big problem is the sports have their obvious differences. Basketball requires players to play both offense and defense, this doesn't diminish the comparison but it brings no comparison for a player like Draymond Green. Draymond Green was one of the best defenders in the game but also was able to score when called upon. The comparisons between sports should already be yielded being the differences in the sports. This doesn't even include the 53-player roster in football to the 15-player roster in basketball, the fact that the players that most impact the game will never touch the ball (linemen) in football but the only way you impact basketball is by touching the ball.

The second problem with the comparison is the coaching/coaching staff. Steve Kerr while being a great coach hasn't impacted his respective sport like Andy Reid has. Reid has assistant coaches throughout the league that are not only successful, but also influencing the innovation of the game. One also has to know that Andy Reid might be at the end of his coaching career as he's been in the league for a while but hasn't been gifted as great a roster as he has currently. Steve Kerr is still at the beginning of his coaching career, the Warriors may not be title contenders now but Steve Kerr will have more opportunities and more years to still be a championship coach, Reid doesn't.

The final reason we shouldn't compare the Warriors and the Chiefs is simple. The Warriors have already won championships, the Chiefs haven't. The Warriors did underachieve, blowing a 3-1 lead that would've led to a championship and only leaving three total championships in their reign when they could've had five. The Chiefs can also win the Super Bowl this year and go on to win multiple championships to become a dynasty. At the same time the Chiefs haven't won yet. We should let them win a championship before we compare them to other dynasties.

It should also be mentioned that dynasties are common in the NFL but more common in the NBA. The history of the NBA has teams that win three championships commonly (2015-2018 Warriors, 2000-2003 Lakers), the NFL has a handful of teams that have won championships but very rarely do we see three in a five year period. It will be hard for the Chiefs to win one, it will be harder for them to become a dynasty. If they do I think we should compare them to NFL teams of the past. The team that comes to mind for now is the early 2000's Rams with the greatest show on turf .