Kevin Durant Is Out For the Entire 2019-20 Season.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports
Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports
Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Kevin Durant Is Going to Be Out For the 2019-20 Season Due to An Ruptured Achilles Tendon. The Injury Came During Game Five Of the NBA Finals. The Warriors Did Beat The Raptors 106-105. But the Superstar For The Warriors Is Out For All Of Next Season. Durant Posted On Instagram That His Surgery Was a Successful One And He's Pulling For His Brothers From Golden State To Win It All. The Surgery Was Performed At The Hospital For Special Surgery In New York City. Dr. Martin O'Malley Was The Doctor Who Performed the Surgery On KD. And He Said Afterwards to Reporters..." I Look For Mr. Durant To Make a Full Recovery, However I Look For His Road to Be a Long And Painful One."

Dr. O'Malley Also Said That The Right Achilles Was Operated On and He Also Said That Mr. Durant Should Not Have Played In Game Five At All. And Dr. O'Malley Said That Could Have Been Avoided If KD Would Have Just Waited Until Next Season And Let the Original Injury Heel Up.

Warriors Head Coach Steve, Kerr Said to Reporters. " Were Going to Have The Finger Pointing and The Blame Game Go Around But I Had Faith In Our General Manager And Our Medical Staff." Golden State General Manager Bob Meyers, Said this To Reporters. " I Have The Faith In My Medical Team and Our Team Doctors. I Also Have the Players Best Interest At Heart. KD Wanted to Give It a Go And I could Not Say No." In a Time Of People Criticizing The Warriors Organization For Kevin Durant's Injury Warriors Player Stephen Curry Defended Their Head Coach and General Manager By Saying, " We Have Faith In Our Front Office, Our GM Bob Meyers Has Our Best Interest At Heart And He's a Great Person To Be Around Along With Coach Kerr.

I've Seen The Injury And Kevin Durant Is Out For The Season.

And Now Here's My Take.

Kevin Durant Holds a Player a $31.5 Million Player Option For 2019-20, And He Is Also the 2-Time Reiging NBA Finals MVP.,And Now That's Gone. And In My Honest Opinion I think The Medical Staff For the Golden State Warriors And the General Manager Bob Meyers Get The Blame For This. They Could Have Said No To Kevin Durant. They Could Have Said Let's Wait Until Next Season And Let the Original Injury Heel. KD Had Not Played Since May 8th After Suffering a Calf Injury In Game 5 Of the Conference Semi-Finals Against The Houston Rockets. But The Warriors Were Down 3-1 In The NBA Finals And they Had to Let Their Superstar Give It A go. Now That Was a HUGE Mistake On the Part Of the Warriors.

Now Here's What Should Happen, The Person Or Persons On the Medical Staff Who Cleared KD To Play In Game Five Should Be Fired Because Kevin Durant Was Not Ready To Return. I Understand that The Warriors Wanted their Star On The Court To Stave Off Losing the Finals In Five Games. But You Need to Think About What's Best For The Team and The Person's Health and Injury. That Did Not Happen With Kevin Durant And Look At What's Happened to Him Now. KD Is Out for the Entire 2019-20 Season, The Golden State Warriors Chance Of a Three-Peat Is Gone In My Opinion and The Warriors Dynasty May Have Come To An End.

And The Bottom Line Is This, I Agree With Dr. O'Malley When He Said Kevin Durant Had No Business Playing In Game 5. I Also Agree With Dr. O'Malley When He Said The Warriors Organization Should Have Told KD To Sit Out the Finals and Let The Original Injury Heel, And Let's Wait Until Next Season. But Did any Of that Happen, No It Did Not. Instead Kevin Durant Played Game Five and We Won't See Him Until the 2020-21 Season Because He's Out Injured for All Of Next Season.

Now In Closing, I Will Say This. The Golden State Warriors Dynasty May Have Just Ended In Game 5 Of the Finals Because the Warriors Are Done For the Finals this Season. And It Will Be a Miracle if They Get Back to The Finals In 2019-20. Because Kevin Durant Got Injured Because Of Some Carless Mistakes On the Part Of The Medical Staff and General Manager Bob Meyers. They Will Get The Blame If the Warriors Lose the NBA Finals to The Toronto Raptors. This Time Around It Could Be The Raptors Getting the Huge Break And If the Raptors Don't Take Advantage Of this HUGE BREAK Then There's a Problem.

BOTTOM LINE!!!!!!!!.