The Houston Rockets Are In a Mess With No End In Sight.

By Scott Manning
Jun. 18, 2019

Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports
Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

The Houston Rockets Are In a Mess, And It's No Surprise For Two Reasons. No.1 Chris Paul And James Harden And No.2 Rockets Head Coach Mike D'Antoni. I Will Address The Coach D'Antoni Situation In a Second, However First Thing's First, Everybody Knows By Now That There Has Been For Sometime Some Turmoil Between CP3 And James Harden. Houston Rockets General Manager Daryl Morey Addressed That Situation With The Media And Said... " This Turmoil Might Be Good For The Team Because It Shows Me That They Both Want To Win At All Cost." Morey Also Stated That He Thinks The Houston Rockets Should Be Considered One Of The Favorites to Win The Western Conference. But Some People Have Said That Chris Paul Wanted To Be Traded.

What About a Possible CP3 Trade, And The Friction Between Paul And James Harden...

When Daryl Morey Was Asked About a Possible Chris Paul Trade Morey Went On To Say.. " No Way He's Here To Stay." Now Chris Paul And James Harden Have Had Some Friction In The Past And It Showed During Last Year's NBA Western Conference Finals Against The Golden State Warriors. So We Know What's Going On With These Two Superstar Rockets. And The Rockets Had a Chance To Win The NBA Western Conference Or At Least Upset The Golden State Warriors, However They Failed In The Quest To Upset The Two-time NBA Champions And Keep In Mind The Warriors Did Not Have Kevin Durant For The Last Two Games Of The Western Conference Semi-Final Series.

What About Head Coach Mike D'Antoni's Future With The Team...

Thomas B. Shea-USA TODAY Sports
Thomas B. Shea-USA TODAY Sports

When Rockets General Manager Daryl Morey Was Asked About Mike D'Antoni's Future, Morey Responded By Saying... " He's Staying As Our Head Coach And I Hope For The Team's Sake We Can Hash Out Our Differences." Talks Between The Rockets And Coach D'Antoni Broke Off With No Deal In Sight. Mike D'Antoni Is Hoping For a Bigger Deal From The Rockets, But When You Lose Three Straight Time To The Golden State Warriors It Can Be Frustrating. There Are No Official News On When The Talks Between The Rockets Organization Will Resume, Or If They Will Resume At All. Mike D'Antoni Could Go Somewhere Else To Coach And The Houston Rockets Might Want to Think About That.

And Now Here's My Take...

It's No Secret That There's Friction Between Chris Paul And James Harden. They Both Want to Win At All Cost I Grant You. However I want to Think About This For a Second, How Long Can Both Chris Paul And James Harden Go Without a NBA Championship, Not To Long, Chris Paul Is Getting There In Age, And James Harden Is Not Getting Any Younger. The Truth Is The Rockets Can't Beat Golden State In The NBA Playoffs, Cas In Point They Went Out In Six Games Despite The Fact That The Golden State Warriors Did Not Have Kevin Durant On The Court Due to a Calf Injury. So The Rockets Have Struggled Against The Warriors In The Playoffs. But What About Head Coach Mike D'Antoni, He Broke Off Talks With The Warriors Organization Just The Other Day Because He Want's a Bigger Contract. General Manager Daryl Morey Better Be Carful When He Says The Mike D'Antoni Will Be Back as Head Coach Because He Can Go Someplace Else If He Wants to. So The Bottom Line Is This, The Houston Rockets Are a Mess And There's No End In Sight.