The 2019 NBA Draft Is Set After a Lottery Shocker.

Patrick Gorski-USA TODAY Sports
Patrick Gorski-USA TODAY Sports

The 2019 NBA Draft Lottery Was a Surprise as the New Orleans Pelicans Will Get the Number 1 Draft Pick In the NBA Draft On June 20TH.

Here's the Top Five In the Draft Order.

1. New Orleans Pelicans.

2. Memphis Grizzles.

3. New York Knicks.

4. Los Angeles Lakers.

5. Cleveland Cavaliers.

Now Here's My Top 5 For the NBA Draft.

No.1 Zion Williamson, The 6-6 285 Pound Big Man For Duke Is the No.1 Choice For the NBA Draft. However He Needs to Work On His Three Point Shooting and His Shooting at the Free throw Line. Here's the Case In Point, He Only shot 64% From The Free Throw Line and Only 33.8% From Beyond the Arc. But Despite All Of that He Remains as the No.1 Choice in the NBA Draft and If the New Orleans Pelicans Don't Take Zion Somebody in the Front Office Will Be Fired.

No.2 Ja Morant, I know He Played for the Murray State Racers Out of the Ohio Valley Conference But He Contributed Big Time At Murray State. He Led the Team In Points Per game with 24.5 and He Lead the Team in Assists with 10 Assists Per Game. So If Any Team Needs a Player Like Him I think the Best Place For Him Would Be Either the New York Knicks Or the Cleveland Cavaliers Because Morant Can Get It Done At Both Ends Of the Court.

No.3 RJ Barrett, The Other End Of the Duke Double Sensation This Season Was Pretty Good Averaging 22.6 Points Per Game. But Just Like Williamson He Had His Issues at The Free Throw Line and Shooting From Beyond the Arc. Here's His Case In Point, Barrett Only Shot 66.5% At The Free Throw Line and Only Shot 30.8% From Beyond the Arc So I have Some Issues With that. So With that Being Said I think the Memphis Grizzles Will Be a Good Place For RJ Barrett.

No.4 D'andre Hunter, The Virginia Tech Sensation Had A Banner Year In His Short Stay. He Led The Team With 15.2 Points Per Game and 5.1 Rebounds Per Game. This Guy Can Shoot the Basketball As well As He Shot 52% From The Field And His Numbers at the Free Throw Line Are Fantastic With 78.3% and He Also Shot 43.8% From Beyond the Arc. So How Can Somebody Not take this Hot Player From Virginia Tec. The Best Suits Form Him are the Cleveland Cavaliers or Even the Los Angeles Lakers in My Opinion.

No.5 Jarrett Culver, The Texas Tech Sensation Had a Sensational Year. He Led The Team with 15.2 Points Per Game, 6.3 Rebounds Per Game and 3.7 Assists Per Game. We Also Have Somebody Who Can Shoot From the Field as Culver shot 46.1% From the Floor. The Only Issue I See is the Three Point Shooting as Only Averaged 30.4% From Beyond the Arc. If Some Teams Are Willing to Look Passed that I think he Will Have a Great Career In the NBA. The Best Suit Form Culver, The Cleveland Cavaliers or the Memphis Grizzles.

Before I go Here's My Draft Order in My Opinion.

No 1. Zion Williamson- New Orleans Pelicans.

No.2 RJ Barrett- Memphis Grizzles.

No.3 Ja Morant- New York Knicks.

No.4 D'andre Hunter- Los Angeles Lakers.

No.5 Jarrett Culver- Cleveland Cavaliers.