Agree to Disagree Live: All day coverage of the NFL Draft

By Chris Smith
Apr. 26, 2018

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY SportsBrian Spurlock-USA TODAY SportsBrian Spurlock-USA TODAY SportsBrian Spurlock-USA TODAY SportsBrian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Agree to Disagree will be giving live updates on rumors and information leading up to the draft, as well instant updates each pick of the 1st round with instant reactions and analysis as the picks come in stay tuned for more!

2:56pm: all indications are that the Browns have decided on Baker Mayfield as the number one pick although they have not made an announcement as of yet.

The other major story this morning is the potential slide of Josh Allen with the leak of old tweets that many are calling racist and sexist, although I'll warn that taking these tweets on face value without context can be dangerous for a young man that by all other indications seems to be a 1st class individual. The timing of this leads me to believe it may have played a part in the reports of the browns favoring Mayfield, and could result in a Dan Marino type slide. Check back for more draft news and analysis as it becomes available.

7:17 PM: The Browns select Baker Mayfield!

This completes the meteoric rise of two time walk on Baker Mayfield. Is he Drew Bress or Johnny Manziel? We'll have our answer soon.

7:21 PM: The Giants select Saquon Barkley 2nd Overall

The Giants Select the potential best player overall in this draft. Should be difficult to defend Barkley, Engram, and OBJ

7:28 PM: The Jets select Sam Darnold 3rd Overall

Contrary to my article ripping the Jets for trading to #3, they were able to draft most people's #1 QB at #3.

7:35 PM: The Browns select Denzel Ward 4th Overall

And we have a surprise!! The darling of the combine at #4

7:42 PM: The Broncos select Bradley Chubb 5th Overall

Chubb and Miller will be an exciting tandem

7:47 PM: The Colts select Quentin Nelson 6th Overall

The colts select the best possible protection for Andrew Luck

7:50 PM The Bucs trade #7 for #12 and two second round picks

7:55 PM: The Bill's select Josh Allen 7th Overall

Looks like they finally get the QB of the future

8:01 PM: The Bears Select Roqan Smith 8th

8:06 PM: The 49ers select Mike Mcglinchey

Surprise Alert! 49ers select the pass protector

8:09 Trade! Cardinals Acquire #10 From Oakland

8:11 PM: The Cardinals select Josh Rosen

Sam Bradford's week 3 replacement has arrive for the

8:18 PM: The Dolphins select Minkah Fitzpatrick

8:25 PM: The Bucs draft Vita Vea

8:31 PM: The Redskins select Da'Ron Payne

8:35 PM: The Saints trade up to 14 with the Packers

8:38 PM: The saints select Marcus Davenport 14th

8:48 PM: The Raiders select Kolton Miller 15th

8:49 PM: Trade! Bill's move up to 16!

8:50 PM: The Bill's select Tremaine Edward's

8:56 PM: The Chargers select Derwin James

9:00 PM: The Packers trade up to 18!!!

9:03 PM: The Packers Select Jaire Alexander

9:04 PM The Cowboys select Leighton Vander Esch

9:18 PM: The Steelers trade Raiders Martavius Bryant to the Raiders for a 3rd

9:20 PM: The Lions Select Frank Ragnow

9:25 PM: The Bengals select Billy price 21st

9:26 PM: The Titans Trade up with Baltimore at 21!

9:31 PM: The Titans select Rashaan Evans

9:36 PM: The Patriots select Isaiah Wynn

9:45 PM: The Carolina Panthers Select DJ Moore

9:54 PM: The Ravens select Hayden

10:00 PM: The Falcons break my heart and select Calvin Ridley

10:08 PM: The Seattle Seahawks select Rashad Penny

10:12 PM: The Steelers select Terrell Edmonds

10:18 PM: The Jags select Taven Bryan

10:22 PM: The Vikings Selected Mike Hughes

10:27 PM: The Patriots select Sony Michel

10:30 PM: The Eagles trade #32 to The Ravens

10:39 PM: The Ravens select Lamar Jackson

11:29PM: Woooooooo!! To quote the great Ric Flaire. After about an hour to process, its time for our final thoughts of the night.

1) As rumored this morning the Browns selected Baker Mayfield, this would've been unthinkable two weeks ago. You have to applaud the courage it took to bring a QB thst looks like Johnny Manziel to city he burned. If you watch the tape, its tempting to call him the best QB in this Class.

2) Its rare to see five QBs go in the first round, which means there are bound to be busts