Will the NBA jump to the playoffs like the NHL?

The NHL has announced that once the season returns sometime in June or July, the top 24 teams (12 from each conference) will immediately jump into a playoff-style format.

The question now being asked by fans across the country is will the NBA follow the NHL's format and do the same?

The two leagues are very similar in the way they operate because of the number of teams in each league, the number of games played, and the amount of travel that is involved.

As NBA general manager Adam Silver alluded to earlier today, the league will most likely get restarted July 31st. While the restart date is now confirmed, adopting a playoff system like the NHL doesn't seem to be a major talking point just yet.

It should be.

The NHL is making a very smart move by creating this almost March Madness-style tournament to garner more attention from fans and give most teams who had a good season at shot at the Stanley Cup.

While some may argue that the seven teams left out should feel wronged, this is in my eyes the best possible decision for the entire league.

NBA general managers are in favor of this style as 16 out of the 30 votes were in favor of having the league return and jump straight into the postseason.

If there are no fans allowed at games or the games are played at a neutral site like the NHL is planning, having a tournament style playoff is a good way to get both diehard and casual fans to tune in for most games.

The NBA would be smart to ax the remaining regular-season games and put this plan into motion.