Mariska Joubert Wins Debut in Just 57 Seconds

By Sibusiso Nkosi
Mar. 15, 2017

Image courtesy of MFC Fight Zone

Mariska Joubert’s debut MMA fight lasted only 57 seconds. This happened earlier this month at  MFC90.

Joubert said that “Exhilarating” is the first word that comes to mind when she describes her first official fight in the cage. “I and my opponent both just exploded into the fight,” she said. “To finally apply all my hard work and training was a joyful satisfaction.”

With a very quick win, Mariska described how the beginning of the end for her opponent started. “I managed to land an awesome push front kick and followed it up with a left hook, my opponent was stunned momentarily as her knees buckled,” said the athlete. “I capitalised on this and secured a takedown, took her back and followed with a rear naked choke submission.”

In the span of that short round, Joubert said she never felt at any point that the fight was going against her, despite receiving what she described as “1 solid shot to the head” from her opponent.

The athlete said that it is too soon for her to determine what the rest of her career will look like. “There are still many steps to climb to the top,” said Joubert. “I want to experience each level as intensely as possible.”

She said that improvement and growth are her biggest focus right now.

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