MMA to Boxing: Dannie van Heerden Switches his Game

Image by Ettienne Van Rensburg

Last year was a very controversial year for Danie “Pitbull” Van Heerden. Following his suspension by EFC, Van Heerden was also suspended by MMA SA for an alleged misconduct. Throughout that storm, the former EFC Heavyweight champion indicated that he might move on to boxing.

Van Heerden recently announced that he has actually obtained his boxing license and has his first boxing match coming up soon. “Boxing is a different game to MMA,” said Van Heerden. “For me personally, MMA is easier because you have so much more ammo to use than in boxing.”

Van Heerden confirmed that although he loves MMA, he will be taking a break from it. “MMA is my life, but for now I think I’ll focus on boxing for a year or two…maybe more…who knows,” he said. Having being involved in Last Fighter Standing, van Heerden said that he would not mind fighting at Last Boxer Standing as well. “I will fight where ever Anton Gilmore, my manager, and Raymond Cerfonteyn say I can fight,” said Van Heerden. “So, let’s hope I’ll be ready for that.”

Van Heerden is set to take on Kenneth Nkosi in a four round Heavyweight bout on the 31st of March 2017 at Ekhuruleni Indoor Sports Centre.

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