2016 NFL:Week 5 Picks

By Danabeshouse
Oct. 05, 2016

So Odell Beckham doesn't think football is fun anymore huh? Well, I'm still having fun writing picks every week, so Mr. Crybaby millionaire can eat it. I could also go off about how I lost my fantasy match-up by two points because of his BS, but nobody cares about other peoples fantasy teams (you know you don't). So let's just get on to the picks.

Arizona Cardinals At San Francisco 49'ers: Are the Cardinals staring down the barrel of a 6-10 season? Possibly, that first game against a depleted Pats team was a huge red flag for me and I wasn't fooled by the following weeks destruction of Tampa. We could very well have a 1-4 Cards team after this game with Drew Stanton starting a QB, which could be big time trouble. Although Carson Palmer wasn't exactly lighting the world on fire this season (49'ers 19 Cardinals 16)

New England Patriots At Cleveland Browns: Any reason to think the Browns could win this game? They're at home? Maybe Tom Brady will be rusty? Umm...umm...yeah that's all I got (Patriots 34 Browns 22)

Philadelphia Eagles At Detroit Lions: So the Eagles crushed the Steelers, then had a bye week after for everyone to sing their praises. Now they go on the road and have a Lions team that's probably better than their 1-3 record suggests. Could be a bad spot for the birds (Lions 23 Eagles 13)

Chicago Bears At Indianapolis Colts: Correct me if I'm mistaken, but aren't teams supposed to have a bye after playing the London game? This doesn't seem fair to the Colts. Seriously though, I haven't the slightest clue who to pick here. When in doubt, just say home team by three (Colts 23 Bears 20)

Washington Redskins At Baltimore Ravens: I could see the Ravens getting their long awaited 'feel good' win of the year. But, I could also see Kirk Cousins throwing for over 300 yards and three TD's. Hopefully the Ravens learned they should run the ball more to setup play action, this has always worked for them. Throwing over 50 times behind a backup left side of the line is not ideal. (Ravens 31 Redskins 17)

New York Jets At Pittsburgh Steelers: Don't see how the struggling Jets offense can keep up with the Steelers in Pittsburgh (Steelers 33 Jets 20)

Houston Texans At Minnesota Vikings: Brock freaking Osweiler on the road against the best defense in the league? Keep riding that Minnesota train! (Vikings 30 Texans 13)

Tennessee Titans At Miami Dolphins: I'm picking the Titans here. I really have no reason on why, just feels right. (Titans 24 Dolphins 17)

Atlanta Falcons At Denver Broncos: Could the Falcons actually be good? I'm starting to think so. Yeah, their defense isn't very good, but holy crap can they score like a mother lover. I know Denver's defense is fantastic, but they're going to give up some points here. Could it be? Am I feeling it? Here it comes...UPSET SPECIAL! (Falcons 26 Broncos 24)

Buffalo Bills At Los Angeles Rams: I know the Rams are 3-1, but I'm not buying them yet. I'll give them the win here against the Bills, but the schedule gets a lot tougher for them after. 8-8 is still looking good (Rams 13 Bills 9)

Cincinnati Bengals At Dallas Cowboys: This should be fun. The Bengals looked good in a game they absolutely had to win against the Dolphins. Still, I'm really wondering if maybe they lost too much in the offseason, because something doesn't look quite right with them. I'm thinking the Cowboys will really get up for this game to show the NFL they're for real. (Cowboys 33 Bengals 30)

San Diego Chargers At Oakland Raiders: This has letdown game written all over it. The Raiders are flying back cross country after a feel good win in Baltimore. The Chargers always play them tough, and this time they won't blow this game in the 4th quarter like...well all their losses so far. (Chargers 23 Raiders 16)

New York Giants At Green Bay Packers: The Giants have had the Packers number recently, but how am I supposed to believe that will continue based on how they've played recently? (Packers 34 Giants 23)

Tampa Bay Buccaneers At Carolina Panthers: So are the Panthers bad or have they just had the misfortune to play a bunch of really good teams? Honestly not sure, but I think they'll get it right against the Bucs this week even if Cam doesn't play (Panthers 27 Bucs 20)