Here's the Guy that Flipped Off Russell Westbrook

By Derek Leger
Oct. 27, 2016

Last night in Phliadelphia, a fan flipped off Russell Westbrook during the 76ers-Thunder game. This obnoxious pile of meat with eyes also yelled "f*ck y*u" towards Westbrook. Shortly after, he was escorted out of the game. 
I'm sick of fans getting away with this.  If at any point an NBA player retaliates, he'd be fined $25,000+. I get that these players get paid millions of dollars to play a game and should ignore heckling fans. But at what point do we have to hold ourselves and others accountable for being bleating imbeciles? 
Well, thanks to the Internet and Philadelphia sports blogger Kyle Scott, we can hold this particular bleating imbecile accountable. The fan's name is Richard Harkaway. A Johns Hopkins graduate, and a urologist that works at Albert Einstein Medical Center. 

The Internet doesn't discrimate. It's nice to see that a Johns Hopkins degree hasn't taught you how to behave like a civilized human being.  And money apparently can't buy a clue.