Bellator MMA Has An Opportunity To Capitalize On The Donald Trump Phenomenon

Over the past five months, there have been several reports that the Russian government tried to help Donald Trump win the presidential election. According to, in early January the CIA came to a conclusion that "the Russian government was responsible for hacks of the Democratic National Committee and the Clinton campaign." Due to these reports, Bellator has an opportunity to capitalize on America's biggest story for the foreseeable future (Donald Trump) by booking Fedor vs. Chael Sonnen. This is because Sonnen is known to be a fighter who will try to find information about the opponent or their home country in an attempt to irritate him and his fans. For instance, during the build-up to his fight with Tito Ortiz Sonnen revealed that Tito's car got repossessed due to financial struggles which angered Ortiz. As a result of this, in a potential matchup with Fedor, Sonnen will use the information about Russia trying to help Trump win the election to attack him. For example, Sonnen may say that Vladimir Putin agreed to help Trump with the election because he knew that having control over the United States would allow him to have some influence over what happens in the world. The potential remarks by Sonnen will give off the impression that Russia is beneath the United States which will anger Fedor and his fans because people have a tendency to believe that their country is on equal footing with the rest of the world. Therefore this fight indirectly becomes a between Russia vs. the United States with people from both countries tuning in to support their country and countryman which is bound to generate big ratings.

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[Chael Sonnen Says I'm Rich, Tito Ortiz's Rolls-Royce Was Repossessed | TMZ Sports]

Furthermore, the company can use the potential buzz around this fight to expose some of their other talents to a big audience. For instance, the company can book Andrey Koreshkov vs. Lorenz Larkin to follow the Russia vs. the United States theme. If the public likes the action, there is an increased likelihood that they will invest in the talent and tune in the next time they fight.