Carmelo Anthony's Pride And Ego Should Prevent A Trade From Happening At The Deadline

Even though there are rumors that Carmelo Anthony is going to get traded soon, his pride and ego should prevent it from happening. Throughout his career, Carmelo has been described as the type of player who only wants to win games if he is seen as the centerpiece of the team. For instance, according to an ESPN the Magazine article called Carmelo's way, he was angry that Jeremy Lin was getting all the attention from the fans and media for leading the team on a winning streak while he was out with a groin injury. In fact, sources close to many Knick players said: "Carmelo's dream was to go to New York and be the man........ and all of a sudden this little guy nobody's ever heard of is living his dream". As a result, for Carmelo to waive his no-trade clause, a team would need to tell him that he would be the primary offensive option. If a team were to keep this promise, they would have to implement an offensive system that is heavily dependent on isolation basketball. For instance, the team would have Carmelo post up in the mid to low block which would allow him to use his body to back up the defender thus creating the separation for the turn around jumper. Although Carmelo likes to post up, there are occasions when he will receive the ball on the perimeter and call for the screen. Once the screen is set, he will attempt to go over it and shoot the jumper. This type of system would give him an opportunity to put up big offensive numbers which would lead the media and fans to heap praise upon him because they only pay attention to the offensive side of the floor. While this system is beneficial for him, his teammates have a difficult time getting wide open shots. This is because Carmelo rarely attacks the basket which means a defender has to cover less ground to get back to his man if he decides to help on Carmelo.

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Therefore, it is highly unlikely that Carmelo accepts a trade to the Cleveland Cavaliers or Los Angeles Clippers because he would have to be a third option or come off the bench. For instance, in Cleveland Lebron needs to play in an offensive system that showcases his ability to pass the ball and get to the basket. As a result of this, the paint is relatively empty giving Lebron the option and freedom to pass or attack the basket depending on what the defense is showing. For instance, if the defense decides to collapse he will most likely pass it to the perimeter for an open shot or pass it to a player who is cutting towards the basket. If they do not, he will shoot a jumper or drive depending on whether the defense sags off or plays close to him. Due to this,  Carmelo will be reduced to a spot up shooter which would take the spotlight off of him. On the other hand, in Los Angeles, he would come off the bench because both he and Blake Griffin like to post up in the mid to low block. As a result, if both of them were to start, the opposing team will focus on clogging up the paint which makes it difficult for them to get wide open shots and prevents the guards from attacking the basket. Coming off the bench would once again take the spotlight off of him which is the thing he craves the most.