Shawn Porter Would Be An Ideal Comeback Opponent For Danny García 

Even though Danny García suffered his first professional loss this past weekend, there is a reason to believe that he could quickly regain his status as one of the best welterweights if he faces Shawn Porter next. Throughout his boxing career, Shawn Porter has shown a propensity to consistently throw the left jab in an attempt to get the opponent to block the punch. If the opponent decides to stand still and blocks the combination, it gives him a small window of opportunity to close the distance and attack the body. During this tiny window, he will attempt to repeatedly throw a left or right hook to the body to take away some of the stamina from his opponent. However, this strategy can put him in real danger because the opponent can choose to block the combination and immediately take a few steps back to get out of striking range. As a result of this, he will be forced to chase his opponent down in an attempt to get a striking exchange which leaves him susceptible to being countered. 

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Therefore, Porter would be an ideal opponent for Danny García's comeback fight because Garcia likes to make his opponents believe that he will stand in the pocket and is there to be hit. Due to this, the opponents will start to throw a punch or combination thinking that he has a still target to hit. However, once the opponent starts to launch their attack, Danny will attempt to slide back or twist his body with one hand by his face to avoid the attack. If he is successful in preventing the attack, it opens for him to land a counter jab or hook. As a result of this, once Porter starts to throw his left jab, Danny will slide back and throw a counter right hook to take advantage of Porter leaving the left side of his face wide open to be hit. Eventually, this will repeatedly happen, and Porter will start to chase him around the ring thus giving Danny more opportunities to counter.

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Furthermore, a win over Shawn Porter would put him on a fast track towards a rematch with Keith Thurman. After beating Porter, he could realistically target the loser of Errol Spence Vs Kell Brook, and if he can pass that test, he will be at the front of the line for a Thurman rematch.