Nick Foles is the Second Coming of the Messiah

Big. Dick. Nick. Nick Foles is the one of the greatest backup quarterbacks in the history of football, and one of the clutchest. Time and time again this man has led the Eagles to incredible comebacks and victories. He’s going to get a large contract this offseason, and a statue if they win the Super Bowl. Nick Foles has breathed new life into a team that was dead in the water after a loss to, guess who, the Bears, mid-season. The resilience of this team to recover from their Super Bowl hangover was incredible.I can’t help but root for this team, with the poorest record in the playoffs, taking down the number one ranked defense this year.

The Bears did not lose this game, the Eagles won it. Their defense went out and held the Bears time and time again, and even though at points in this game the Eagles looked like they were finished, their savior carried them through.

And Golden Tate finally decided to show up. From a crucially important third down reception in the third quarter where he took a hit that made me wince to the game winning touchdown, Golden Tate’s elusiveness was a huge factor in what won the Eagles this game. He would have won player of the game if more of a legend hadn’t been in the on the field.

This loss means one of two things for the Bears: Either they collapse next season in a very Bears fashion and go 7-9 or they continue their dominant streak. As a Lions Fan, I hope it will be the former but it will most likely be the latter. There aren’t many faulty pieces on this Bears defense and they’re all going to be here a while, so I expect another 12-4 run next year. Head coach, Matt Nagy, is excellent, and I don’t expect him to fall apart next year.

But for Doug Pederson, this win just strengthens the Andy Reid coaching tree. While the roots of this tree are a choking mess, despite all of Reid’s playoff failures, most of Reid’s coaches tend to do very well. Doug Pederson has fully embraced the underdog status of the city of Philadelphia and I would expect him to be coaching the Eagles for a long time.

The Eagles secondary, however, definitely showed weakness, specifically in rookie cornerback, Avonte Maddox. His overconfidence showed as he gave up lots of big plays to Bears receivers over and over again. His play almost lost them the game.

My player of the game is of course, Nick Foles. This man inspired an Eagles team that looked lost in the middle of the year to a win in the playoffs over the number one defense and the best defense I’ve seen since the Legion of Boom, but not to the standard that Seahawks team set. Nick Foles produces another outstanding performance, one that has now become almost expected.

It will be expected, however, if Foles and the Eagles win their next game. Not only will he be immortalized, but he will receive a large paycheck in the offseason, something he deserves.

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports
Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports