What the Future holds for the Philadelphia Eagles After Last Sunday’s Win

This is a team that everyone expected to win against the Titans and against the Panthers. These type of crazy losses happen once every blue moon, but it happened to the Eagles within a period of 4 weeks.

In regards the Giants, this is a team that’s pretty much done at this point. Of course someone will come around and say that they will still make the playoffs with their current record of 8-8, but if you ask me that’s pretty unlikely.

Looking at the redskins, this is a team that by this point it has, similarly to the Philadelphia Eagles, been hit with multiple injuries. The difference is that the Redskins have suffered injured players in key positions, mainly their number one wide receiver and their starting quarterback. Even though they hold the first positions at this point i’m tending to think they will collapse down the line.

The Cowboys are another team that are having a nice little winning streak of 3 games at this point. Even though they have a nice roster with Dak Prescott and Zeke Elliot, I don’t consider this team to be more talented than the Philadelphia Eagles. Time will tell.

The recent win against the Giants was pretty satisfying for a couple of reasons. The defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz did some clever adjustments during the halftime which completely shut down the offensive line of the New York Giants. I was very impressed with Josh Adams performance, even though we have not seen him play enough minutes to give a complete assessment, but for what we had seen he has a lot of power and confidence for his rookie year.

Wentz hasn’t played as well as last season not only his ability to escape has seen lower numbers but he is holding to much onto the ball for my taste. Having said that he is still playing on a high level and I have a lot of expectations for him. We got to remember that he is coming out of a pretty gruesome injury. He also has not threw too many picks so far, that’s always a good thing. Golden Tate is also a player which I also have big expectations for. I think people are sleeping on him, but it’s just a matter for him having enough time to learn the playbook and grow in his relationships with the other teammates.

I have big expectations for the upcoming games, we face the redskins on week 13 and after them we go to Dallas. A few of our starting corners should be back from injuries by that time. If we are able to win those games all of the sudden our record increase to 7 and 6 and we can very well become that team that snugs his way into the playoffs.

Our recent loss against the New Orleans Saints was very demoralizing. Drew Brees is playing pretty dang good recently. Even though our record is not as good as the 13-3 from last year we very well may be that team that starts getting it together later in the season and makes some mayhem coming into the playoffs.