The Curse of the Even Year

The San Francisco Giants seemed to fall ass backwards into the playoffs this season, and ended up winning on a  three run homerun by the least likely suspect on the line up - Conor Gillaspie. 

The Giants even year luck has been historic, winning the World Series every other year for the last 6 seasons. A team that always seems to put it together at the right time, San Fran just seems to have everything in check as they roll in to the NLDS.

Facing the Cubs, the Giants have absolutely no business of winning the NLDS. However, given how they end up miraculously winning their way to a World Series, the Giants seemingly are in balance with the heavily favorited Cubs. With Johnny Cueto and Matt Moore rolling behind Madison Bumgarner, the Giants have the pitching and the scrappy offense to throw everything together. However, the Cubs are undeniably the best team in baseball with no clear flaw but history always shows that the heavy favorite falls to the underdog early. This "Curse of the Even Year" that the Giants infect onto their opponent is something to keep in mind, and it's all on Chicago to end that pattern. 

But baseball is baseball, the unimaginable happens. Weird shit happens that makes teams find a niche that makes them unbeatable, and the Giants always seem to find themselves in that niche no matter how much of the underdog they are. The little men step up in the big time, and the independable become dependable. That's what makes the playoffs exciting. 

And that may just happen next week when the Giants fly to face Chicago, who seems to have the weight of the world on their shoulders.