To Go or Not to Go

I don't like people telling other people what to do. As a die hard Penguins fan since I can remember winning championships have been one of the fantastic parts of being a fan of this world class organization. Going to the White House has always been a cool experience to see your team at the White House with the President and the Stanley Cup, until now. I'm not here to tell the Penguins to go or not go.

What I am telling you the people is to respect their decision. Going to the White House would be an honor for any American and not to go is a huge decision. What I know is that the Pittsburgh Penguins are not a racist organization so don't paint that brush over them. What I know is Sidney Crosby is a fantastic hockey player but he's also a great person after running into him a few times, he's as polite as an individual you'll ever find. He alone did not make this decision they made it as an organization and he will stand up and take the backlash as any good captain does for his team.

Hockey culture is not the culture where protests will take place, it's just not. It's not as liberal as the NFL or the NBA. There not even liberal with rule changes or there set up of the league. I respect the Golden State Warriors for not going but I also respect the Penguins going to the White House. Yes it's possible to respect both decisions.

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