Jalen Ramsey Has No Remarks For QB's This Offseason

In the 2018 offseason Jacksonville Jaguars Jalen Ramsey had a few words to share. Ramsey blew up at the time because of his comment towards Buffalo Bills rookie quarterback, Josh Allen, and Baltimore Ravens veteran quarterback Joe Flacco. He went on to state that Josh Allen is trash and Joe Flacco sucks.

Flacco was relatively undeterred and Ramsey’s comments did not faze him; however, Allen was not going to take it lying down. When the Bills and Jaguars met later that season, Allen led the Bills to a 24-21 win.

This offseason, Ramsey was given the chance to again give his own insight on the line up of quarterbacks for the upcoming season. Ramsey had declined the opportunity. Even after interviewers specifically threw Nick Foles’ name at Ramsey, he still declined. He said “You want to do this again, huh?”, as he went on to actually compliment Nick Foles. At the end, he said that he was “growing” in terms of maturity.

Ramsey becoming a little more humble could be because he has matured. It could be because a little humility can do wonders for an individual. Overall, it’s nice to see him moving in the direction of maturity no matter what the reason. Overall, I believe this will allow him to focus on his play and improve as a player overall.