2016 Pro Football Player Deaths

By Jeff Nixon
Dec. 30, 2016

Dear Pro Football Alumni:

One Hundred and Twenty-two of our alumni brothers passed away in 2016.  You can view the list of players in the screen below.  Th first list is in alphabetic order and the second list is arranged by the date of death.  

I want to thank Ken Crippen, from the Pro Football Researchers Association, with assembling the data. Here is a link to their website: Pro Football Researchers Association.  I encourage you to become a member. 

Send up a prayer to all the families and friends that these former players leave behind.

Remember......................someday all of our names will be on this list!

Your Alumni brother,

Jeff Nixon

Matt Snorton, was inadvertently left off the second list. He played for the 1964 Denver Broncos (AFL) and passed away on December 30, 2016.  He was 74 years old.