Jeremy Lin Ought To Start In LA

By CalvinChu
Oct. 26, 2014

Remember when an old guy ran the point in LA? Derek Fisher? Meh. Steve Nash? We know how well that move turned out.

After years of Jordan Farmar/Steve Blake-type roster fillers, the Lakers found a young player with dynamic athleticism and ability that can flourish with shooters around him. Jeremy Lin. No Joke.
  He's show some great promise for the Lakers (VIDEOS WITHIN)

Yet, Jeremy Lin is not being named starter. Despite all the successes of Linsanity, nearly leading Houston out of the first round of the playoffs when Harden was hardly helping his team, and dealing with plenty more pressure, paparazzi, and criticism than even Hollywood provides, coach Byron Scott wants to go with a journeyman third-string PG. Since 2009, this player has not shot above 30% from 3 point land and 40% from the field. 
This player's Per 36 numbers?
Career 4.6 Personal Fouls, 72.6% free throws, 4.6 assists but 2.5 turnovers, and only 7 points. When a player totals the same amount of fouls and turnovers as points, there's no reason why he should be leading a team. 
Even in preseason, this player has struggled to the tune of 21.4% 3PT and a still less than 2 per 1 Assist to Turnover ratio. This means that he's doing no better against scrubs as he has during his backup playing time during his career. Ronnie Price, please step aside.

Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

Lin, a player we forget is only 26, has gotten 12.4pts, 6.2 assists per game in only about 26 minutes/game, all while playing with the second unit. 

There is absolutely no reason why there's a conversation here. Lin should be playing no less than 30-35 minutes per game on a team that needs to develop Jordan Clarkson. The only reason why someone would play Lin on a second line would be to let him have full control when Kobe's off the court. It allows him to lead with the likes of Clarkson, Julius Randle, Robert Sacre, Ed Davis, and when they come back, Xavier Henry and Nick Young. It means that the Lakers nearly no drop-off between the guys that surround Kobe on the first rotation and the guys that surround Lin.

Maybe Scott will make the switch soon. Lin should be in the lineup, ASAP. Maybe the Lakers are trying to tank another year, a la Philadelphia.