Jeremy Lin Preseason Highlights Playlist

By CalvinChu
Oct. 26, 2014

With Jeremy Lin set to take on a big role for the LA Lakers this season with Steve Nash out, here is a playlist of highlights to watch:

Pros: Lin is getting to the rim, making both layups and threes. He's drawing fouls left and right, and he's chipping in a bit on defense. He's shown a lot of good chemistry with Ed Davis in particular, and has plenty of shooting bigmen in Randle, Sacre, and Boozer to dispose short passes to. 

Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

Cons: I don't know if this is by design because Coach Byron Scott has to work on figuring out what he has in his other players, but it seems like Lin needs to get Kobe the ball more. Lin's got great vision, and maybe it's to save Kobe for thegames that count, but Lin needs to protect himself sometimes by just giving the ball off to Kobe sometimes and let him pick and pop or fake out a guy.

All in all, a strong preseason showing for Lin despite missing a few games due to injury.