Stop Ray Rice Pecking Party?

By CalvinChu
Sep. 09, 2014

What Ray Rice did to his wife was absolutely horrific, inhumane, and worst of all, terrible for all the fans of football, especially young kids that need a good example set for them.

That being said, Ray Rice now has no employment with the NFL, and is suspended indefinitely, which would prevent him from being rehired again by an NFL team. He paid for his actions by losing his job. He still has to reconcile truly with his wife. He is not in an enviable position to say the least. Which is why the entire pecking party on Ray Rice must stop.

Ray Rice was a likable football player, a short dude that contributed as much as he could. Last year, his season was derailed, as all good things can come to a possible end, and he definitely lost NFL and fan support. That all changed once we saw video of his unconscious wife in that Atlantic City elevator.

Bad decisions, man...
Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

I get it, couples don't always get along. People don't always get along. But punching someone in the head is never a good thing. It results in a sure-fire ejection on the NFL field. It's even worse if the recipient of that punch is your wife. Any kind of violence towards others, especially women and children, is a no-no.

However, when media and every single possible person is talking about Ray Rice, we the mass public are the losers. Maybe we need to institute a Roger Goodell of banning Ray Rice from our conversations.Do we truly help his wife or even abused women as a group? Why not make this an ice-bucket challenge, where if you make a video or post about Ray Rice, you have to donate some money to a local organization that deals with domestic violence victims? That might help raise more true awareness to the problem at hand. Vilifying Ray Rice does nothing for that cause. It just bashes a man that made a terrible decision and has faced steep punishment for it.

Maybe it's time to stop bashing on Ray Rice because it is politically correct to bring up how you admonish his actions.

Let's do something to make change happen.