Russell Don't Need Another Superstar.

Clearly Kevin Durant joining the Golden State Warriors was massive, it shook the NBA to it's core forcing everyone to voice their opinion. A lot of those opinions also revolved around Russell Westbrook and what was now 'His' Thunder team (as if it wasn't already), clearly many people had seen Westbrook to be the 'Robin' to Kevin Durant's 'Batman' and had almost entirely counted out the Thunder. Obviously everyone figured Westbrook was going to have a good season, finally being given the keys to run his very own offense for once, but they really didn't count on Westbrook to be able to lead the Thunder wins but quickly those thoughts are disappearing. The Thunder are off to a quick 3 - 0 start to their season having just picked apart the Lakers 113 - 96 and with the win included Westbrook's 2nd triple-double of the season.

Once again Westbrook has posted 100-30-30 over a 3 game span and is already averaging an incredible 38.7 points, 12.3 rebounds, 11.7 assists, and a steal per game. Having been only 1 assist off of a triple double on the season opener is so far the only blemish for Westbrook, having put in one of the craziest performances you will see with a 50 point triple-double making him the first player to do so since Kareem Abdul-Jabaar in 1975. Westbrook has quickly embraced his role of 'Superman' as he's forcefully willed his team to its 3 wins this season and has saved them from disaster many times already. Many thought that only Westbrook would truly find his stride once Durant left but its quickly apparent that the entire team has benefited from this super hero like Westbrook. 

Every night Westbrook comes out with the same goal in mind : "destroy all in his path" and that he has done, using his 'sonic' like speed, flat out inhuman athleticism, his needle like passing, his highlight reel dunking abilities or his incredibly accurate jump shots ( shooting at 45% FG) he has shown that you're going to need much more than 5 guys on the floor to stop him cause he will shred you will all his available tools. But honestly it doesn't matter because the more you provoke and try and stop Westbrook the more he's going to want to put you on his next highlight reel and that's exactly what's so scary about him, just about no one can outwork Westbrook. He's like a train in the way that : "Once he sets his path nothing is going to stop him". 

Yes losing an MVP and scoring leader hurts, that isn't something that gets replaced easily and its going to take an excruciating amount of time to get over the heart break. But as far as Westbrook is concerned it might be for the better that Durant acted like a coward and abandoned his team because now Westbrook finally has full control of his team. 

PS. Even though its doubtful that it'll last, its a nice feeling that the Thunder are doing better than the Warriors.