How John Ross will impact the Cincinnati Bengals Offense.

I am sure you have heard of John Ross for breaking the 40 yard dash record at a time of 4.22 seconds. Yes he may be the fastest player in the NFL he can use that to his advantage. With him being fast that is not the only aspect he brings in his game. John Ross surprisingly selected higher than expected, going 9th overall to the Cincinnati Bengals. John Ross will be playing alongside superstar wide receiver AJ Green. Not to mention above average quarterback Andy Dalton who needs another receiving weapon. John Ross and AJ Green give QB Andy Dalton two elite weapons to use. They will use them simply by a decoy. Sometimes Ross can go underneath while AJ goes deep, then they can do the opposite. Also Ross is another deep threat just like AJ Green, defenses will have to choose which one to double team. Don't forget if they double both shallow or crossing routes will become available to players like Eifert. With this lethal passing threat defenses will worry about. Availability in the running game will become wide open. Now I hope you can imagine how deadly the Bengals offense will become. I think it's safe to say John Ross was the smartest pick for the Bengals.