The Celtics should trade their #1 overall pick to the Bulls.

Right now the Celtics are the closest team to contend with Lebron James in the East. Currently they're on the way to getting swept. Without this trade during draft night. I don't believe anybody other than Cleveland will be coming out of the East in the next 4 or so years. The trade is: Boston Gives up their first overall pick, a future first and Jae Crowder for Jimmy Butler Robin Lopez. Now maybe not the exact trade, but the big pieces that will definitely be involved is Jimmy Butler, and the 1st overall pick. You may be wondering why not take Lonzo Ball or Markelle Fultz. The reason is simple. Boston doesn't want to settle getting beat in the east every year. If they take Butler over any rookie they have a better chance winning soon. It also works out for Boston in the long run too, they don't want to wait for Fultz or Lonzo to develop. They really want to win. Also the two most probable players that Boston would select, are both two point guards. They already have Isaiah Thomas, enough said. Also Jimmy Butler can defend and play with and older Lebron James. In conclusion if this trade goes down, it will be one of the most smartest and beneficial trades ever.