The Title Contending NBA team that nobody is talking about.

The Minnesota Timberwolves have made drastic improvements in the 2017 NBA offseason. As we all know they traded for Jimmy Butler. As well as trading Ricky Rubio for a future first round pick. They also Signed Jeff Teague to be there starting point guard for the future. Minnesota improved their bench signing one of the Greatest 6th man to ever play Jamal Crawford. Keeping the young devolping core of wiggins and KAT together. I believe the Timberwolves are a 3rd seed in the competive west conference. Here are some reasons supporting my claim.

1. Best overall starting lineup, and decent depth

Ignoring the Golden State Warriors Timberwolves are the best staring lineup in the league, with All Stars or Futre All Stars at every position accept power foward. Even though the Wolves starting PF Taj Gibson currently isn't the greatest. They have excellent depth at this postion off the bench including Gorgui Dieng(4-5), and Nemanja Bjelica (3-4). They also have depth off the bench at other postions. Back up Center Justin Patton and Cole Aldrich. Off the bench guards Tyus Jones and Jamal Crawford.

2. Only two teams are better than Minnesota in the West.

If you haven't guessed it already, the two teams that are better than the wolves are San Antonio Spurs, and of course the Golden State Warriors. Their isn't any argument in that. Although some people value teams like the Thunder or Rockets over the Timberwolves. The rockets simply have no depth, and need to build chemistry considering they have two ball dominant superstar guards. The rockets try usually try to out offense their opponets, which simply won't work as well against Minnesota as it has against other teams. That is because the Timberwolves can keep up with there scoring if they need to but more importantly they have good defensive anchors to shut the Rockets down. Don't be surprised when you see Houston as a 5th seed or lower. The Thunder can be a challenge for the timberwolves but I still think the Timberwolves are all around better. Again because Thunder have less depth, and may have major chemistry problems. In the whole entire nba their are only 2 maybe 3 teams better then Minnesota ovbusily the Warriors, most likely the Spurs, and possibly the Cavs.

3. Could easily make the western Confernce Finals.

If everybody is healthy on the Timberwolves I don't see why they can't make it past the second round. Even if Minnesota plays the spurs in the second round they could potentially steal the series. I don't think they could make it past the Warriors in the Confernce Finals. Although if the warriors are unlucky with injuries they could possibly sneak in to the Finals and maybe win an NBA Championship.

So their you have it, you may be thinking the Timberwolves are a longshot of getting past the second round or finsihing third in the western confernce. Or maybe you totally agree with my bold prediction.