Is This Year Do or Die for Mike Zimmer?

By Grant Seterstrom
May. 07, 2020

Zimmer has reached his peak. I know that might be hard for you to take in, but let's look at the facts.

Zimmer rebuilt our defense into arguably the top defense in the league in 2015, but since Blair Walsh missed a 27-yard FIELD GOAL THAT MY 10 YEAR OLD SISTER COULD HAVE MADE it has gone downhill from there. It finally caught up to us this year when we had to repay half of the defense and let go of the other half with no money left to spare.

The offense was always the problem up until the last few seasons. I remember thinking 'We just need a good offensive line and we'll be Super Bowl bound for sure.' Well that was 4 years ago and here we are now with the same exact problem.

I don't know how much longer people can blame Kirk Cousins for our losses. Honestly, he's the best and most stable quarterback we've had since Brett Favre, and the options out there don't get much better than him (unless they are considering Kyle Sloter, but you'll have to check out my other blog on how I feel about that).

Also, look at all the weapons around Kirk these past few seasons. Thielen, Diggs, Cook, Rudolph. There's more than enough ammunition for this offense to succeed but Zimmer doesn't know how to handle it.

Overall, Zimmer has done a great job rebuilding this team, but we've been at a standstill for too long. This might be Zimmer's last chance to prove himself.