What Should Vikings Fans Cheer For Now?

I can confidently say that this season for the Vikings has sucked. Kirk sucks, the defense sucks, everything sucks. So what are we, as Vikings fans, suppose to cheer for now? Some people might still have hope for the Vikings. You know, were going into the bye week maybe we can pull ourselves out of this slump and get a string of wins in the second half of the season. If you believed that last sentence you are probably in the minority of Vikings fans and probably a little crazy. The majority of fans, including myself, have hit rock bottom and have joined the #TankForTrevor train. Unfortunately there is one huge problem with this plan. The New York Jets. The Jets are 0-6, their coach has a daily tracker to see if he got fired yet, and I don’t see another win in sight for them. I do have to applaud them for their tanking efforts because they are putting on a clinic.

After this realization I found that there are 3 things that Vikings fans can still cheer for this season. 3 things that will make your Sundays a little less depressing and help you have a positive attitude going into the 2021 season. If you are lost and looking for a guide you came to the right place.

Justin Jefferson

Justin Jefferson is the only good thing to come from the Vikings this season. He has put up some monster stats and everytime he touches the ball it is electric. For the rest of the season I want you to imagine that Justin Jefferson is the only one you are cheering for. Like the only reason you’re watching the Vikings is because Justin Jefferson is on your fantasy team. If you go with this approach I promise you that this will be the most exhilarating 4-12 season you have ever watched.

Big Trades

The trade deadline is November 3rd and for the next 2 weeks you should be hoping that the Vikings are heavy sellers. Yannik Ngakoue was traded yesterday for a not so high price tag, but sometimes that’s what has to happen to clear up cap space and rebuild a team. If you had a hard time with Ngakoue’s trade then you might faint when I tell you that we’re going to have to trade some big name fan favorites. I’m talking about Anthony Barr, Kyle (The Clod) Rudolph, Harrison Smith, and possibly Adam Thielen. I know it hurts to hear, but the Vikings currently have $0.00 in their bank account and since it will be nearly impossible to trade or get out of our sub-par quarterback’s contract this is what we need to get high draft picks and take a big chunk of money off of the books.

College Quarterbacks

College football is back and now is the time for us fans to start scouting our next franchise quarterback. Trevor Lawrence will be very hard for the Vikings to get, as I said earlier, I will be the first to congratulate the Jets on the number 1 pick in the 2021 NFL draft, But Trevor Lawrence isn’t the only college quarterback this year who has shown promise. I’ve talked about how much I like Justin Fields in a past blog, Trey Lance from NDSU has looked very good, and there is a new emerging first round prospect in BYU’s quarterback Zach Wilson.

This season might not be going how we wanted to but there is still a lot to cheer for. Also, just remember that Aaron Rodgers went 16-35 for 160 yards, had 2 interceptions, was sacked 4 times, and had a QBR of 18.1.