Open Letter To Jeff Gordon: You Cant Have Your Cake And Eat It Too

Dear Jeff:

Your fans are confused.

We want to know where your loyalties lie.

How can you be partial to your boss, Rick Hendrick, part owner of Jimmie Johnson’s race team, and coach the 24 driver in the ways of the winning, and still be able to be critical of them when you need to be?

What happens if a driver says or does something that you don’t agree with?

We hate to say it, but if you want to be a good broadcaster, a fair broadcaster, an impartial broadcaster…

Then you need to give up some or all of your other ties.

You can’t have your cake and eat it too.

Brad wasn’t the only one that was critical of your opinions. I’m sure there are a lot of other people waiting in line to take a shot at your loyalties.

If you want to excel at being a broadcaster, then you need to step aside from your other interests.

We miss you as a racer, but we want you to be a great commentator.

Just remember, You can’t have your cake and eat it too.

Not unless it’s a slice of humble pie.


Your Fans.