The Answers: Harrison Barnes, Minnesota and etc.

By Bigmatch
Dec. 06, 2016

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Today, we will tackle the things and notions that were revealed/confirmed during the week. Two teams that went the opposite ways in the last ten games will be the center of our attention.

Klay Thompson is the streakiest scorer of this century
No disrespect to the Kobe Bryants and the Allen Iversons but Klay mas flashed two evidences that his hands are the hottest when he is on! After making his historic 37 points in a quarter last season, he did a 60 points-29 minutes performance yesterday! His 2.07 per minute production is just 0.1 away from the 2.08 of Wilt Chamberlain, when he did his unbreakable 100-points finished.

We saw a lot of great and even legendary scorers in this century, his two teammates are included, but in terms of "streakiness", Klay is no doubt the #1. 

Harrison Barnes is a scorer
Harrison has turned back from his role-playing days in Golden State and he has evolved into a legit and credible scorer in Dallas. He is scoring 20.9 points in 45.9% shooting as of today. Looking deeper, we will see his multi-facet game. He is in the 82.9 percentile of post-ups, 77.1 percentile of isolations and 79.2 percentile of pick & roll man. Dallas future looks fine with him.

Timberwolves is a good team, just inexperienced 
I know that Minnesota has shuttered a lot of expectations the wrong way with their start. Nevertheless, if you look closely, you will see that their biggest problem is their youth. They loss seven games with a maximum of seven points difference and  they only have a single win that fits the seven points range. Reversing their fotune then is still very possible with a trade or through maturity of the group.