Bama v Clemson: Is This Clemson's Best Chance At A NC?

By Princess Cooper
Jan. 07, 2017

Can Clemson capitalize on the distractions of OC position at Alabama? That was the question of the week on the Never Had It So Good Sports Radio Show. 

Phillip Blackwell, NFL Network, UNDRAFTED says, "Bama is like a well oiled Cadillac. No matter who is driving it, the result of a smooth ride will be the same." 

Sports Talk New York Host, Kevin Walker says, "It will be hard to dethrone Bama. They are the class of College Football."

David Riley, Former USFL Player & Former WVU Mountaineer RB, says, "I don't see where Bama will lose this one. They are just that good. I do feel it will be close but, I don't see them losing."

I on the other hand feel differently. I think this lines up just right for Clemson. The football team as whole has performed better and gained momentum since the Pittsburgh loss. They are peaking at the right time. DeShaun Watson making better throws, decision, and looking like an NFL QB. And, there is that win against a talented Ohio State Team. Blackwell said on Thursdays show, "Sometimes a team just does not get off the bus mentally." Well, the Buckeyes must not have. They looked over matched from the beginning. And, JT Barrett did not look like he could make the throws. They, (Clemson), loaded the box and came after him. The result - 31-0.

I also think the Lane Kiffin fiascal cannot be a positive one. Finebaum says, "Nick Saban called in a favor from one of Bama's top boosters and had him pick Kiffin up in his private plane and helped him off campus and on his way to Boca Raton and FAU Football. On a side note, why can't Kiffin leave a team he is coaching without the drama? Can Sark just fit right in an call the offensive game of his life with Saban breathing down his neck? Does he have a good enough relationship with Hurts? Can a team really lose their OC a week before the National Championship Game and still come away with the trophy? It would be amazing to me. And, sure that's exactly what Saban has done the 10 years in CFB.....some amazing stuff. 

Again, I say, "This lines up well for Clemson." The CFB Gods couldn't have done a better job of aiding the Clemson Tigers with a little more confidence and no drama on their side. 

My prediction is Clemson 28 Bama 17 and National Championship in South Carolina.