What Happens Now Jacksonville Jaguars?

By Princess Cooper
Jan. 07, 2017

Ran into a friend at the Schluter Systems Workshop in Clearwater, Florida this week. So, blame Jason for this BLOG. The Jaguars have continued to lose the interest of their fans. I myself was a season ticket holder for quite some time while living in Jax. But, I jumped ship once I moved away. And, truthfully, I probably should have done it sooner. I am a Dolphin fan by birth. Grew up watching Don Shula and the likes of Csonka, Kickk, and Morris, let alone Griese, Litttle, and so many more. 

But, what now Jags. I tell people all the time the Jags and the Browns organization is where good players go to kill their careers. 

According to Jason LaCanfora of CBS Sports, the Jaguars are expected to reach out to Tom Coughlin. Well, that makes sense. Duh! "A reunion between Tom Coughlin, one of the most prominent figures in Jacksonville sports history, and the Jaguars is possible this offseason, according to league sources. Jags owner Shahid Khan is mulling over coaching changes, and Coughlin has appealed to the team in various capacities." Does he come back to coach? 

"There has been plenty of speculation in recent weeks about Coughlin joining the franchise in some capacity because quite frankly it makes a ton of sense. Coughlin clearly wants to be involved with a football team again in some way and coming back to Jacksonville, the city where he’s rooted a large part of his life and legacy, is a logical fit. Coughlin, 70, was pursuing coaching openings a year ago but is also viewed as an excellent candidate in a team president/football czar role. Bills ownership reached out to him earlier this season, but sources said that team is unlikely to make changes at this point given how the season has played out."

And, then there is Bortles. He has had more pick sixes than he has had victories. Think about that. Wow! I say surround the man with better talent and get him some QB Coaching that he can identify with and lean on and learn from.

Bortles announced with three games left in the season that he planned on spending time out in California during the off-season. Bortles said he will spend more time at 3DQB in California this offseason than he did last year, and he’s hoping that will help him fix the mechanical and footwork issues that have plagued him throughout the 2016 season. We had a lot of guys here so I thought it was important to be here and be with those guys and working with those guys," Bortles said. "And maybe that was best for me or maybe not. I don’t know. It’s part of figuring out your routine individually [and] what your routine is in the offseason.

The Jags have accrued some quality young talent but continue to finish last in the weak AFC South, and quarterback Blake Bortles has regressed. So, Jason says we need more talent on the OL. Yep! But, a workhorse at RB would really take the pressure off of Bortles. Can anyone say, "Dalvin Cook?" The best RB in the Draft 2017. But, with the Browns, 49ers, and Bears going before them, can they count that? There is always Fournette. I just didn't like what I saw from Fournette on the field. There were flashes but, he was far from consistent. 

The consensus by the experts though say this....

"The Jags needs to improve their talent at both the tackle and guard spots up front. That is a strong necessity. Finding a disruptive, defensive force for the middle of the line should be an early priority while landing a talented cover safety should also be considered."

There you go Jason. This is what we should be looking for from the Jags. This what should happen over the off-season. And, the former is a list of positions the Jags should go after.